Soft armor

TenCate Advanced Armor engineers and manufactures ballistic and stab resistant products that meet or exceed National Institute of Justice (NIJ) and international performance standards. The TenCate Themis™ brand has its origin from Greek mythology, embodying divine order, law and custom. 

Our advantage lies in materials and techniques that provide the perfect balance between increased ballistic resistance against a wide array of threats and the reduction of blunt force trauma.

Soft armor from TenCate Advanced Armor is a multi-threat personal protective material designed to protect against a wide range of hand weapons. Soft armour solutions manufactured using TenCate Pro-Tector® can be customised to meet individual requirements.

Soft armor-based solutions have been certified in accordance with international standards that include NIJ, HOSDB, ISO, VPAM, and NATO STANAG, as well as customer-specific requirements.


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TenCate Themis II

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