TenCate Multi-light™ CX-802 IC Torso

TenCate Multi-light™ CX-802 IC Torso

TenCate Multi-light™ CX-802 IC inserts are the favored choice for a reliable, rugged and lightweight insert for hard use in dangerous environments. They are made from light and durable materials, including boron carbide or silicon carbide and high performance fibres. TenCate Multi-light™ CX inserts are high-end solutions that provide maximum protection and comfort with very little weight.

TenCate Multi-light™ CX inserts feature extremely high multi-hit capability, ensuring the user an outstanding degree of safety if hit by multiple projectiles or fragments. The multi-hit capability even exceeds the requirements in the commonly used standards, including edge protection (up to 20 mm from the edge). The inserts are fully shock resistant and impact resistant, which means the user can undertake rough operations without worrying about damaging the inserts.

In conjunction (IC) plates require additional soft armor as stated in each product’s data sheet to provide the promised anti-ballistic capability. IC plates cannot be used in stand alone (SA) applications and cannot provide the required level of protection unless used in conjunction with soft armor.

TenCate Advanced Armour France

TenCate Advanced Armour France
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Product family Multi-light
Protection against .30-06 APM2
7.62x54R API B32
7.62x51 M61 (AP P80)
Protection standard NIJ level III 
Shape SAPI 
Thickness 2.00 cm / 0.79"
Weight 2.800 kg / 6.17 lb