TenCate Multi-light™ CS-502 IC Torso

TenCate Multi-light™ CS-502 IC

TenCate Multi-light™ CS-502 IC inserts are cost-effective, lightweight composite inserts that cover a broad spectrum of operational requirements. They were developed and designed to increase the degree of protection available from bullet-resistant and fragmentation vests. They provide protection against both lead-core and armour-piercing ammunition, in accordance with international standards as well as specific customer requirements.

TenCate Multi-light™ CS inserts feature a high multi-hit capability, ensuring the user an outstanding degree of safety if hit by multiple projectiles or fragments. Even for the flexible version, this multi-hit protection complies with the NIJ Level III standard, which is significantly more protection than remaining inserts on the market.

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TenCate Multi-light CS502 IC Torso

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TenCate Multi-light CS502 SA Torso

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TenCate Multi-light CS560 IC Torso

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TenCate Multi-light CS560 SA Torso

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TenCate Multi-light CX-500 IC Torso

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TenCate Multi-light CX501 SA Torso

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Product familyMulti-light
Protection against7.62x39 PS BALL (MSC)
5.56x45 M855 (SS109/GREEN TIP)
7.62x51 M80 (NIJ III)
Protection standard NIJ level III + 
Shape Single curve, Multi curve, Flat 
Thickness1.60 cm / 0.63"
Weight1.750 kg / 3.86 lb

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