TenCate Multi-light™ CXP-460 SA Torso

TenCate Multi-light™ CXP-460 SA Torso

TenCate Multi-light™ CXP-460 SA hard armour inserts for ballistic vests and plate carriers are state-of-the-art protection and the most outstanding inserts available today. The low weight and decreased thickness of the hard armour inserts retain operators' tactical mobility and maneuverability while delivering a high level of protection. The premium hard armour inserts combine the lightest and strongest materials available, including boron carbide or silicon carbide and high performance fibres. The end-result guarantees end-users maximum protection and comfort with the lowest possible weight.

TenCate Multi-light™ CXP hard armour inserts are available in ICW (in conjunction with) and SA (stand alone) applications and cover the upper scale of protection from NIJ level III up to and including NIJ level IV. The inserts are available with fabric or TenCate Rosist™ coating.

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TenCate Multi-light CXP460 SA Torso

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Product family Multi-light
Protection against 7.62x39 PS BALL (MSC)
7.62x51 M80 (NIJ III)
Protection standard NIJ level III + 
Shape Flat, Single curve, Multi curve 
Thickness 3.10 cm / 1.22"
Weight 1.350 kg / 2.98 lb