5 Jul 2019

TenCate Advanced Armour UK receives Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation

TenCate Advanced Armour UK has recently been awarded the Cyber Essentials Plus certification by the UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). The certification is the result of rigorous implementation of new cyber security measures following TenCate Advanced Armour UK’s Cyber Essential accreditation in November 2018. The Cyber Essentials Plus differentiates from the more basic Cyber Essential accreditation in that it requires an external partner to audit and confirm the security measures implemented.

Achieving the accreditation is an essential step for TenCate Advanced Armour UK as an increasing number of major defence companies in the UK require their partners to operate with a Cyber Essentials Plus certificate to ensure defence, governmental, technical, and personal information is treated with absolute discretion. This means that the Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation increasingly functions as a threshold barrier for companies engaging the biggest upcoming defence programmes with the British major platform manufacturers. With the new Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation, TenCate Advanced Armour UK positions itself to align with future requirements and remain a trusted partner in the UK defence industry for several upcoming programmes.

The Cyber Essentials scheme was launched in June 2014 and is a required certification for suppliers to the UK government who handle sensitive and personal information. The scheme was developed to further the emphasis on cyber security in the industry and safeguard sensitive information handled for the UK government. The requirements for the Cyber Essentials scheme was developed by UK industry associations, the British Standards Institution (BSI), and the UK government.  The requirements include a series of security measures in accordance with ISO 27001 and has a narrow focus on technical control over data. Over 6.000 companies and institutions have achieved a certificate through its lifetime. 

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