5 Jul 2019

Coating and finishing for military material

Coating and finishing are often underestimated factors in the evaluation of exterior solutions for military equipment, but poor finishing can have significant ramifications on the long term effectiveness of ballistic panels, hull features, and mechanical parts. The cure to prevent this from happening is to implement good and comprehensive finishing and coating methods when manufacturing or assembling the products which can be cumbersome and expensive.  

Poor finishing can have detrimental effects especially on anti-ballistic solutions significantly decreasing their protective value. This is unacceptable for solutions developed to provide crews and users with the highest level of protection. For ballistic panels, the situation can be avoided by adding a protective layer to the panel, effectively sealing it from external threats.

TenCate Advanced Armour has recently added capability to support platform manufacturers obtain technical information and assistance to ensure the anti-ballistic integrity will not decline due to faulty finishing. TenCate Advanced Armour can provide a coating solution, TenCate Rosist, which effectively seals ballistic panels and adds a protective barrier against shock, abrasions, UV-light, chemicals, salt fog, and a variety of other agents. A TenCate Rosist solution can be applied beneath a normal coating and will function as an adhesive base for paint. The TenCate Rosist coating can also be applied as an anti-skid application by adding granulates to provide a textured surface.

The capability also includes resources to competently advise on painting and coating in compliance with MIL STDs and DEF STANs, such as for example DEF STAN 80-161, as well as advise on MIL STD 810 compliance.

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