4 Apr 2019

TenCate Advanced Armor to exhibit at IDET 2019


TenCate Advanced Armor will exhibit at the International Fair for Defence and Security Technology (IDET) 2019 in Brno, Czech Republic, May 29-31. In booth 100, we will showcase a series of lightweight survivability solutions for land systems, aircraft, and personal protection developed in accordance with the strictest NATO STANAG and NIJ requirements. In particular we will bring a demo model of our NATO STANAG 4569 level 5 add on armor and our 720g NIJ III+7,62x39 CXP461 body armor plate.

IDET, International Fair of Defence and Security Technology, is one of the biggest shows of defence technology in Central and Eastern Europe. Exhibitors from ca. 30 countries present their products to international military delegations and professionals from all over the world. In 2005 IDET was the largest trade show in this field in Europe and since 1997 it has been number one in Europe in odd years. Part of each run is a varied accompanying programme in which defence technology experts discuss topical issues. PYROS and ISET is held concurrently with IDET under the common title of Integrated Rescue System Fairs.

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