4 Apr 2019



TenCate Advanced Armour recently exhibited at SOFINS 2019 in Camp de Souge, Bordeaux, France. Bringing several of TenCate Advanced Armour’s newly developed personal protection products and a range of equipment developed with partners to complement TenCate Advanced Armour’s personal protection solutions, the booth generated extensive activity during the course of the show.

Sofins remains in immensely important forum for TenCate Advanced Armour as a meeting ground for European special forces and a place where TenCate Advanced Armour can pitch new solutions to emerging requirements or threats directly with end users, in this case special forces.

Sofins is a forum for exchanges about tomorrow’s technical challenges. Along these lines, Arbalète Lab, a popular feature introduced at the last edition, is being offered again at Sofins 2019. This space within the exhibition structure is reserved for the startups selected by the Cercle de l’Arbalète to present their innovations to special forces. Unique in Europe, this seminar offers an unequaled opportunity for manufacturers to meet and discuss their solutions with special forces. The mission embraced by its organizer Cercle de l’Arbalète is to raise the profile of special operations by celebrating and nurturing the innovative spirit of micro-enterprises, SMEs and large industrial groups working in this area.

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