4 Apr 2019

Embraer names TenCate Advanced Armor best supplier in defense in 2018


TenCate Advanced Armor was honored to be named best supplier in defense in 2018 by business partner Embraer. TenCate Advanced Armor is a strategic partner in survivability solutions for Embraer on several of their aircraft platforms operating on a global scale with numerous air force and military units. TenCate Advanced Armor is committed to providing lightweight, innovative survivability solutions for Embraer’s platforms, providing a high level of survivability while retaining the maneuverability, agility, and performance of the aircraft.

The strategic partnership between Embraer and TenCate Advanced Armor has been ongoing for several years and TenCate Advanced Armor provides survivability solutions to several of Embraer's fixed-wing aircraft platforms. As a platform manufacturer, Embraer is meticulously attentive to the details to ensure the long-term operability and security of the platform. TenCate Advanced Armor has been in a key position to support Embraer with components living up to Embraer’s extremely high quality requirements in terms of weight and performance.

The partnership has also been incremental in allowing TenCate Advanced Armor to build a strong foothold in the fixed-wing aircraft segment, where many of the current platforms do not carry ballistic protection even against lower threats from handheld weapons. The survivability solutions developed for Embraer adds little in terms of weight to the overall platform and has no negative effects on aircraft performance while still adding to the protection level of the pilots.

TenCate Advanced Armor operates as a global survivability solutions provider with internal engineering and development resources to design, develop, integrate, manufacture, and provide through-life support on aircraft survivability equipment for rotary and fixed-wing platforms. TenCate Advanced Armor operates two plants certified in accordance with EN/AS9100 quality requirements, located in Primarette, France, and Hebron, OH, USA.

TenCate Advanced Armor is grateful for the recognition and proud of the partnership!

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