4 Apr 2019

Ballistic protection for gunners


The Gunner Protection Kit from SIMA Innovation is an example of a new generation of protection ring mounts

TenCate Advanced Armor works with a very select group of manufacturers of gun mounts and ring mounts for land vehicles, providing lightweight composite survivability solutions to screen the gunner against incoming threats. Although earlier developments of panels for ring mounts and gun mounts with significant stopping power were heavy and cumbersome, advances in material science and armor material application means that the weight has come down significantly. In addition to this, modern gun mounts and ring mounts positively offsets the additional weight making the additional protection easy and maneuverable for the operator.

The functionality and operability of the gun mount or ring mount is critical to the survivability of the platform. The increased coverage with ballistic panels significantly increases the survivability of the gunner in the face of small arms fire. Working with TenCate Advanced Armor’s partners for vehicle gun mounts specially engineered protected gun mounts can be delivered to provide horizontal 360 degree protection against threats and with additional equipment allowing for ammunition storage and rails.

Protected gun mounts can be made available with TenCate Advanced Armor ballistic protection in NATO STANAG 4569 levels 1-4. Additional protection levels can be developed to conform to specific customer requirements. Ballistic window solutions can be included in the ballistic protection as customer requirements.

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