4 Oct 2019

TenCate Technical Center USA: Where we grow tomorrow’s armor solutions

The TenCate Technical Center USA (TTC-USA), part of TenCate Advanced Armor USA, Inc., is a survivability system engineering services provider with deep roots in DoD applications. The TTC USA provides professional engineering services, from ballistic development to product design to program engineering functions while building on TenCate Advanced Armor’s reputation of delivering programs that meet or exceed customer requirements and expectations. The TTC-USA is located in Hebron, Ohio, and has a dedicated lab with approximately 10,000 square feet.

TenCate has assembled an elite engineering staff with unique experience and qualifications in ballistic armor systems. In doing so, TenCate has created an Engineering Center of Excellence for Survivability Engineering. TenCate has proven expertise in the successful design of armor solutions, and the ability to evaluate a platform and to design, prototype, test and manufacture a complete and validated solution.

TenCate Advanced Armor also has a staff of engineers familiar with integrating armor systems onto military platforms. TenCate understands the importance and difficulty of designing and implementing with platform and system requirements in mind. With a significant portfolio of platform and system application integrations that have been successfully executed, no one is better equipped to develop and integrate armor systems.

In short, TenCate Advanced Armor has proven, unique and world class engineering expertise that can be flexibly utilized to extend your own internal engineering resources.

TenCate Advanced Armor USA, Inc. is a US based defense contractor, with an FCL for classified data computing, handling and storage. 


  • TTC-USA has industry leading experience and capability in ballistics and armor development.
  • Accomplishments within recent development efforts for Aviation and Personnel armor systems resulted in systems that are up to 25% lighter than competitor systems.


  • Our Engineers have vast experience with armordevelopment; andare able toleverage knowledge aboutceramics, composites, and metallics to develop the highestperforming systems. 
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