4 Oct 2019

TenCate Advanced Armor USA, Inc.: Modern survivability manufacturing

All of TenCate Advanced Armor’s survivability products go through rigorous testing and specification before they are shipped out to be an incremental part of an armored platform. TenCate Advanced Armor’s manufacturing processes are centered on our three factories located in USA, France, and Denmark, respectively. The factories work in a coordinated system governed by an ISO9001 certified management system to simultaneously manufacture for specific armor programs and support the other factories to ensure sufficient capacity and available raw materials. 

The manufacturing facilities for TenCate Advanced Armor USA Inc. is located in Hebron, Ohio, where it hosts manufacturing and R&D equipment along with all the workers related to the production of armor. The facility can boast an extensive array of modern machinery including the central press in its 115,000 square feet manufacturing space where production works with composites, ceramics, and metals to produce armor for land vehicles, body armor, and specialized armor components for fixed and rotary-wing aircraft. 

The complete manufacturing process in the Hebron facility is managed on two sides, by program management and an extensive quality control. The program management consists of a team of experienced engineers that oversees and manages the progress of each individual program ensuring that all aspects of the armor product is precisely as specified by the client. Quality control also exerts control of the manufacturing to guarantee that all items live up to the quality of products TenCate Advanced Armor’s clients require in terms of documentation, tolerance, and finishing. All these controls are brought together in the factory’s quality management system which is certified in accordance with ISO9001 and AS9100.  

The AS9100 certification was achieved in 2017 and marked a significant milestone in the continuous improvement process in place in the Hebron facility. The AS9100 certification expanded upon TenCate Advanced Armor’s existing ISO 9000:2008 Quality Management System, adding 80 additional requirements and 18 amplifications of existing requirements. With the award of the AS9100 certification, TenCate Advanced Armor has positioned itself as one of the only vertically integrated manufacturers of armor and force protection equipment in the United States operating under this stringent standard. Adopting AS9100 across all product lines assure our customers of the highest level of quality, reliability and safety, all while increasing its operational excellence and service level to the benefit of all TenCate Advanced Armor’s partners. AS9100 certification reflects TenCate Advanced Armor’s commitment to meeting and exceeding the increasingly stringent industry requirements for defense related products and assures the manufacturing processes consistently meet the requirements and expectations of partners presenting the most challenging applications in the defense sector.

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