17 Oct 2018


Complex engineering is among TenCate Advanced Armor's specialties

TenCate Advanced Armor USA designS drop-in armored cab FOR Mack Defense' M917A3 Heavy Dump Truck

As recently disclosed by Jane's 360, a defense news outlet, TenCate Advanced Armor USA has designed the protective drop-in armored cab for Mack Defense' new M917A3 Heavy Dump Truck. The new platform has won the competition to become the US Army's new Heavy Dump Truck (HDT) and will enter into service with the US Army alongside other Mack trucks.

TenCate Advanced Armor has supported Mack Defense with design and engineering support to allow the civilian platform to re-emerge as military platform with adequate protection for deployed personnel operating in hazardous environments. This is the most recent example of TenCate Advanced Armor USA leveraging its engineering capabilities and offering it up to platform manufacturers as part of the service TenCate Advanced Armor can provide to optimize survivability on DoD platforms. 

The capabilities of TenCate Advanced Armor in survivability design is a spin-off of TenCate Advanced Armor's extensive experience in work with passive armor solutions, blast protection, and active blast mitigation. These three threats together push the armor solutions to the limit and has provided TenCate Advanced Armor with an in-depth understanding of the materials and solutions. Using that same in-depth knowledge also allows TenCate Advanced Armor to provide outstanding and innovative designs for up-armoring, saving weight and minimizing ballistic gaps. This together provides the user with the highest level of protection by gaining ballistic protection without decreasing the mobility and operability of the platform. 

TenCate Advanced Armor has provided survivability for other DoD platforms with the by far most recognizable of them being the GMV 1.1 up-armor program.

For the GMV 1.1 up-armor program, TenCate Advanced Armor utilized its exceptional program management skills in combination with world class internal engineering resources to integrate a highly mass-efficient, state-of-the-art, TenCate Advanced Armor derived proprietary hybrid-composite-metallic armor solution onto the lightweight Flyer platform. The system, which includes numerous dynamic, conditional and environmental elements as well as transparent armor and molded armor design features is both lightweight and high-performance in order to best meet exacting payload, mobility and performance demands of the SOCOM customer.

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