19 Oct 2017

TenCate Advanced Armor updates the TenCate Cratus portfolio of body armor plates to meet future requirements

TenCate Cratus hard body armor portfolio in a new lineup with additional capabilities

TenCate Advanced Armor updates the TenCate Cratus portfolio of body armor plates to meet future requirements

TenCate Advanced Armor introduces the TenCate CratusTM hard body armor portfolio in a new lineup, which holds a more diverse range of certifications, to match future military, law enforcement, and Federal Agency requirements.  The TenCate CratusTM portfolio now includes a plate which meets the Blunt Gap Resistance Protocol specified in the Neutrally Buoyant Ballistic Plate (NBBP) NQ/PD 17-01, and the Maritime Buoyant Plate (MBP) NQ/PD 16-04 purchase descriptions. With these changes, TenCate Advanced Armor USA is a leader in the market by its products which meet the strict NBBP and MBP requirements.

The new TenCate CratusTM line provides end users with a portfolio of plates to meet or exceed current and future requirements in terms of protection level, weight, thickness, multi-hit capability, and buoyancy. To make this possible, the new TenCate CratusTM product line offers several innovative improvements to the design as well as the manufacturing process that will allow the plates to meet or exceed increasingly strict requirements.

This initiative to update the TenCate CratusTM line comes as a key initiative to increase TenCate Advanced Armor’s market presence in the Law Enforcement and Federal Agency markets. The capability to meet the NBBP and MBP requirements for body armor has required extensive innovative engineering, which TenCate Advanced Armor USA will employ to further optimize Personal Protective Products (P3) solutions, benefitting law enforcement officers and officials nation-wide. Several additional changes and extensions to the plates in the current line are planned to be added in the short term. Furthermore, the manufacturing facility, located in Hebron, Ohio, has increased capacity and modernized capability to manufacture plates.

TenCate Advanced Armor USA is a major provider of personal protection solutions for police departments, federal agencies, and large multi-year government programs. With years of experience in body armor development and manufacturing, TenCate Advanced Armor USA provides a diverse portfolio of stand-alone (SA) and in-conjunction (IC) plates with special capabilities to meet the needs of those in harm’s way.

TenCate Advanced Armor USA, Hebron, OH. USA, Thursday 19 October 2017.



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