Hull and structure protection

TenCate Advanced Armor can provide ship builders and end-users with protection solutions for naval vessels hull and structure by adding internal and external plating. The survivability solutions offered by TenCate Advanced Armor employ a mix of composite, ceramic, and metallic components to provide the vessel with a protection level in accordance with customer requirements and international standards.


Seaworthiness is a major consideration in ship design. To contribute to this, TenCate Advanced Armor lightweight protective products out-perform most other materials in reducing the weight above the Vessel Specific Gravity point (VSG), particularly in comparison with steel armor. This weight reduction helps in operational performance whilst ensuring the level of protection is at the maximum. Consideration also must be given to the armor mounting system, which must withstand the torque and resonance frequency vibrations of the ship, along with the effects of saltwater – a highly corrosive environment.

Modular systems exterior

TenCate Advanced Armor can provide special survivability solutions for all kinds of large naval vessels. The armor panels can be tailored to end-user demands with regards to weight and protection level and can be integrated into OEM designs or mounted on vessels as retro-fit applications.   

For the exterior, TenCate Advanced Armor can provide modular composite hard armor panels to provide protection for mission critical areas onboard. The panels are modular to provide crews with an easy in-field repair capability to increase the survivability of the vessel. The panels are lightweight to decrease any negative impact a high level armour could have on payload and maneuverability. The coating of the panels increases the salt water and sunlight resistance of the panels to provide end-users with the highest level of protection in all environmental circumstances.    

Modular systems interior

TenCate Advanced Armor modular systems for interior applications provide crews and personnel onboard with outstanding protection against penetrating threats. TenCate Advanced Armor modular interior systems mitigate the effects of blast and significantly reduce fragment cones from penetrating projectiles. The systems are modular to provide crews with and in-field repair capability and overall increased survivability.     

The addition of TenCate modular systems interior will increase the protection level of any existing solution significantly with little negative impacts on weight or maneuverability. TenCate Advanced Armor can provide the system as a retro-fit application to an existing structure, as an OEM design integration, or in combination with hard armor exterior systems to provide end-user with unmatched protection.