Naval and maritime survivability solutions

TenCate Advanced Armor is an experienced provider of survivability systems for modern naval platforms, answering the requirements of modern day asymmetric threats as well as traditional threats in maritime conflicts. TenCate Advanced Armor protection systems greatly enhance the operability of the vessel and the survivability of the crew, without impairing overall functionality of the vessel.

The systems are modular and lightweight and can be engineered to fit a wide range of vessels from large naval ships, littoral combat ships, offshore patrol vessels, fast patrol boats, and interceptor crafts to inflatable boats.

Advanced composite armor solutions are designed to provide protection for crew and mission-critical areas of the vessel such as bridge and communications and control room as well as munitions storage and engine room. For complex applications, such as protection of weapon systems, communications equipment and radomes TenCate Advanced Armor can provide precision engineered 3D structural solutions with special properties such as radar transparency, providing the required protection without compromising system performance.

For all types of maritime platforms and applications, TenCate Advanced Armor can provide a cost-effective and fully engineered protection solution, perfectly balancing protection, performance and weight requirements.