Making a difference for people

At TenCate Advanced Armour we ensure the survivability of the people working in hostile environments, and we know and respect how very important our product performance is. This is our greatest motivation. Many of our employees have a military background, and the dangers facing deployed personnel in conflict zones are well-known to us. We understand the environment in which our soldiers have to perform their jobs.

At TenCate Advanced Armour, we therefore fully understand the value of lighter and better protection, and we have made it our business to be leader in this field without ever accepting that excellent is good enough.

As weapon technologies evolve and become increasingly complex to protect against, we also have to develop the technologies to counter them. To this end we work closely with international organizations and individual users of our products, to anticipate new requirements and find effective ways of tackling new, unforeseen situations where protection is required.

Our global reach in support of protection requirements means that we have solutions for a wide range of platforms. Light, medium and heavy vehicles, maritime platforms, aircraft and personnel protection systems each present their own protection challenges and different theatres and operational requirements mean that protection level needs vary. For TenCate Advanced Armour, this means that we have become experts in customising every armour solution to the requirements and specifications posed by end-users, MoDs, OEMs, and system integrators. We have a strong global track record as a cost-effective, quality driven and highly reliable partner in complex large-scale projects.

We provide lightweight armour solutions that make a difference.

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